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The Creative Forum For Independent Theatre Groups

"Europe - Mediterranean"

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International Association for Creation and Training (I-act)

Invite you to apply for the

International Classroom for Theatre Students

Organized During the

Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups
(Europe- Mediterranean)
7th Edition
1- 10 February 2010

This programme aims at building a specialized classroom made up of 20 theatre students coming from Europe, the Mediterranean and the region. The classroom is to last for 10 days, 5 hours a day.

During that time, students will be exposed to various educational experiences of various trainers coming from different countries in all the fields of theatre, such as acting, dancing, producing, stage art and criticism. This creative programme is, consequently, an opportunity of dialogue, exchange of experiences between young generation and building future joint projects.

Thus, this project attains a unique importance, for it is carried out on the land of the city of Alexandria with all its historical background, a crucible where civilizations have intermingled to become a major source of human knowledge.

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Best wishes,

Sara El Hawary
Forum Coordinator


Mahmoud aboudoma


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